Color Your World – Bluebell


Color Your World – Bluebell

Color your World: Blue Bell


Fun Fact:

Today’s color is called ‘Bluebell’.

An interesting fact from Crayola…each U. S. State has a color assigned to them. Here in Texas, we are the color Bluebell, and is called ‘Alamo-a-la-mode’.  Could be for the state flower, which is the bluebonnet, or maybe for the famous Blue Bell Ice Cream and dairy where it’s made. Anyway, click the link below to find out what your state’s color is. 🙂


  • Bluebell Crayola Crayon
  • Bluebell Facts – Hue Family Blue & Year Introduced 1998
  • Paper Hand Fan
  • Airplane & Clouds
  • Blue misting bowl (I used to have)


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    • Thanks! I pretty much never see anyone using one around here … just me … haha! Mostly people have the battery operated little fans to carry around. Guess I’m old fashioned and like the paper and fabric kind better. 🙂

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