Flower of the Day & Weekly Prompt – Bloom


Flower of the Day & Weekly Prompt – Bloom


A vase of cut flowers that include a large pink peony and some yellow lilies. There are a couple of green buds of the lilies that have not bloomed out yet.



For Cee’s Flower of the Day:

FOTD – July 28, 2019 – Dahlia

And for the Weekly Prompt – Bloom

Photo Challenge Bloom


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • Thanks, Teagan!
      I love seeing all the pretty flowers at the store. I don’t know who arranges them, but they seem to make nice looking ones with the flowers they choose to go into them. ❤

    • Thanks, Sandee!
      I always thought a flower delivery person has a nice job, making people smile when they bring flowers to them.
      Hope you’ve had a great Sunday! ❤

  1. How gorgeous and even more so when I clicked to bring up the larger view, such a lovely shade of pink. Thank you for joining us on this challenge 🙂

    • Thanks, Sue!
      It worked out great for both challenges today!
      I like how it enlarges when you click the photo, too.
      These are a nice vase of flowers. I think the store people are used to me taking photos all the time, too. 🙂

      • It is good. That grocery store is like our home away from home since we are there most every day and know all the employees by name. We’re always joking around with them. 🙂

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