Thursday Doors – Old & New


Thursday Doors – Old & New




These are some doors from our local Ranching Heritage Center.

The RHC is a museum, with an interactive walk through. They moved actual houses and barns from long ago over here on the property. The places are furnished with items from the time period. People can walk around, seeing and reading about each house, where it had been located in the surrounding areas of west Texas, and of course take pictures. Some days they have special programs, like at Christmas, where all the houses are decorated, and there are people dressed as they would have been back then.

It’s fun to go see it all, but I’ve only been in the summer time, and it is so hot you think you’ll melt. Then you get to thinking about the olden days, when people didn’t have air conditioners in these old houses, and how they endured.


brown wooden door, white outside walls

brown wooden door to a house, showing wood shingled roof and a tree

a white wooden door on the inside of a house, and also showing a look through at some wooden chairs. on the side is a table with a kerosene lamp and a broom.


Here are a couple of other doors I saw around town:

A side entrance door to a church. It is white, with a square window. The building is white board siding, and has a taller peaked roof of white, too.


This one is just a door inside a restaurant. It’s blue, with a round window, and is a swinging door that opens to the kitchen, I think.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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