Thursday Inspiration – Sand


Thursday Inspiration – Sand


Thanks for the photo inspiration, Paula!

To join in this weekly challenge, just click the link above. 🙂


This week’s theme is sand and the picture is below.



Torn from the land

Dirt walls of sand

Warnings of dust

Stay in – you must

Haboobs and storms

Creating strange forms of

dunes and desolation


I’ve been through so many sand storms and warnings over the years.

We live in a semi-desert area, so it’s very common to see the sand blowing

and turning the sky brown. It can get so bad they send out warnings, as it

can obscure everything, much like a white out of snow…only this is pure dirt.


Here’s a cute song though:



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2019 BS



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  1. I wonder which is worse, snowstorm or sandstorm? Or who is more comforting, Mr. Snowman or Mr. Sandman? I think there is a horror movie in here somewhere…

    • I’ll take the sand storm, because it’s usually warm outside when they happen. I don’t like snow at all. 🙂
      I do like how you think … a horror movie in the making! heh heh

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