July Squares # 5 – Blue – The Wizard


July Squares # 5 – Blue -The Wizard

July Blues



This is a month of blue! It’s a fun challenge created by Becky of “The Life of B”, and each day we show something blue. The only rule beside blue, is that the photo MUST be SQUARE!

As an added bonus, I’ve found songs with blue in the title or lyrics. 🙂

Thanks, Becky!

If you’d like to join in, just click the above link to find out details, and also see other entries.


This is the Wizard.

He is wearing  tall blue & brimmed hat with gold stars on it. He has a long white beard.

I got the Wizard a long time ago at the grocery store. He was full of magic and candy.

It was a fun trip to the store, and we were all acting silly, as it was late at night, and hardly anyone was in the store, besides us and the checkers.

Oh, speaking of Wizards … reminds me of a thing we used to do as kids. There was a phone number we could call to hear the Wizard. I have no idea why, but it made these mysterious sounds when you called the number. All the kids did it, and talked about it at school.

The first photo is the square one. The second photo is a long view of the whole wizard in his blue robes.





“Lightning Crashes”, by Live, was released from their album, “Throwing Copper”, in 1994. It was written by Live, and is on the Radioactive label.



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  1. The Wizard line reminds me of all of those 1-900 numbers every celebrity and pseudo-celebrity had during my high school years. One of my sisters apparently dialed a few of those numbers, and to get the charges dropped, we had to get a ban on 1-900 calls on our line. Now they have websites and apps for all those weird stuff we had to call to hear!

    • They charged for 900 numbers? I’ve never called one unless it was a business I needed to talk to. Back when we had the Wizard number, I think it was local or just a few numbers that wasn’t even a real number. We didn’t have 900 number back in the 50s! haha! 🙂

      • Oh, I remember … I never felt like I needed to call one. I might have it they had them back when I was a kid, but then I’m sure I’d have gotten in trouble for it. haha! 🙂

    • Thanks, Brian! Live had a lot of great songs, and we have at least one of their CDs.
      Oh this video you sent is so good! I’d never heard of them before, so thanks for this! I did find a song by Candlemass called ‘Blue Wizard’, but wasn’t in a mood to put it on here. The music was kind of jangly and I could barely make out the words.
      This one of yours is really one I like, though. 🙂

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