Color Your World – Beaver


Color Your World – Beaver

Color your World: Beaver


This is a fun challenge, featuring all the colors made by Crayola. It is hosted by Jennifer, of Tourmaline. You can join in at any time, see other entries, and see what all the colors coming up in the weeks ahead will be.

Click the above link to find out details.

Thanks, Jennifer! šŸ™‚


The photos show:

  • Crayola Crayon of Beaver
  • Wooden Fence with two birds on top facing two different directions
  • Beaver Crayon information – Hue Family of Brown, Introduced in 1998
  • My drawing of a beaver tail with the word in the middle with black marker
  • A large beaver brown colored wooden barrel


img_5004 img_5015


Thanks for visiting! Peace ā˜®ļø

Ā© 2019 BS


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