Escapist Coloring Club – July


Escapist Coloring Club July


The Escapist Coloring Club Prompt – July 1, 2019


Well, looks like I never got around to posting anything for June, and here it is already July!

I did finally finish these two, just last night.

The first one of the big chicken and little yellow chicks…well it was fun to color, but tedious with all the little bits and pieces. I think I probably used several different color markers and also different colored pencils on this.

I always want to use yellow, but it’s so hard to get it to show up. I like the multicolored chicken though.

The second one is one from a regular kid’s coloring book. I find that the larger pictures are much easier, and fun for me. I used blue and red Crayola crayons on the birds, and a brown one for the bird bath. The flowers are red and blue, with green stems and leaves.

The pages shown are regular size, and then a part of it is enlarged.



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • Thanks!
      It is so much fun, and my problem is collecting too many books to color in. Then I go through a period of coloring a lot or not doing any for awhile. Glad you like the chicken! 🙂

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