Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge – Edit


Weekly Photo Prompt – Edit

Photo Challenge Edit


Here’s what Sue has asked us for this week’s prompt:

Do you edit your photographs before inserting into your blog posts?

How often do you pre-edit and by that I mean do you take notice of everything in the background before you take your photo; do you stage manage your shots or is the stack of dirty dishes in the background still there when you finally showcase the picture to the world?


My answer to this is yes, I do some editing on my photos. I only have my phone as a camera, and am usually in a hurry to snap a shot. So, when I go back to look at them, I have to make a few changes.

I’ll crop out any background miscellaneous that isn’t in my main idea.

I’ll enlarge the main part of the photo I want to show.

I’ll try what filters I have on my phone to see which looks brighter. Sometimes the original is shaded, or muddy looking, so it helps to use a different one.

Sometimes I’ll rotate the photo, to get a better angle.

I’ve never gotten any special apps for photo editing, and should look into doing that someday.

And yes, I do sometimes stage my photos, by setting what I want to take a picture of in a neutral place, using a towel, or some paper behind the object. Then It’s either just the one thing, or a grouping of relevant things to make an interesting photo.

These next ones are a couple I set up.

A green pear and a red pear sitting on a white towel in the first photo.

The second one  I set up on my old school desk, with colorful paper (orange & green stripes) for the toy fuzzy chickens to stand on. For the background it was a piece of paper that looks like pink and blue tie dye. The words peace – love are stick on foam letters in red, green, yellow, orange, and purple.



Here’s some  photos in the original, and then the edited ones:

I wanted to showcase the yellow car for a color challenge, and didn’t need the whole line of cars in the parking lot, or the bushes in the foreground. I’d taken this one at a little distance, so the edit helped, I think.



This one I wanted to feature the door with many paned glass windows. I zoomed the photo in to make it larger, and also to cut out the green lawn and house roof, and most of the bush next to the door. I also lightened it up a bit to show the white curtains.



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2019 BS

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  1. I do like your edits and I’m impressed at the effort you went to when you staged managed a couple.
    What would we do without our trusty phones at the ready! Thank you for joining us with this challenge 🙂

    • Thanks, Sue!
      It’s fun to try different ways to do the photos. That last set up with the chickens is what I do for the month long A to Z challenge. Every day I do a different one. It’s fun.
      Thanks for the interesting prompt! I enjoyed it a lot. 🙂

  2. I pretty much to the same things. I’ve ditched my expensive Digital SLR and now use my iPhone 8 plus for all my photos. Makes it much more enjoyable on international trips. I do use a photo app called “Camera Pro”.

    • Thanks, Danny!
      My regular little point & shoot digital camera quit working, so my phone does pretty good for my amateur photos. It’s also easy to carry around. If I was super into great photography, I would like a fancy camera, though.
      Thanks for the Camera Pro suggestion, and I’ll check it out. 🙂

    • Thanks, Carol Anne!
      You can do a little editing on your Iphone. That’s all I have here to take photos with. I don’t have any special apps and just use whatever filters that came with the phone’s camera. It lets you enlarge, or brighten up the photo, or turn them black & white. Just a few on there. 🙂

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