Three Things Challenge The Warning


Three Things Challenge – The Warning



These are the prompt words for today. Thanks so much for hosting this fun challenge, Paula! 🙂

Recent prompt words:

organ, attic, watermelon

kindergarten, oak, champagne


They had been warned many times, but the kindergarten kids didn’t care. They thought it was just a joke, and so they kept on with their fun and games.

Every generation before them did the same, and it eventually became a yearly tradition for the town.

The Watermelon Festival was always held in the month of June, while the sun was hot, and everyone wanted a break…something fun to do.

And so they would gather under the old oak trees in the town park. The children would run and play, giggling at their elders warnings.

Soon, from the open upstairs attic window of the old mansion located there on the park grounds, the eerie organ music could be heard. It was the requiem they were waiting for…for the person who’d grown the largest watermelon.  It was time to cut them open. Those sun ripened fruits, sweet and red, and juicy begged to be eaten.

The mayor called for attention, wishing everyone a pleasant day, a profitable year, and again repeated the oft told warning.

The ceremony began with the popping of champagne corks, sparkling bubbles poured into the grown-up’s glasses, and toasts were made.

The children were given huge slices of the watermelons, and they ate, dripping juice all down their arms, with sticky smiles. The warning went unheeded.

Don’t eat the seeds! You may be the next person sacrificed for growing the largest watermelon in your stomach.


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