Sunday Trees – The Neighborhood


Sunday Trees – The Neighborhood



A couple of days late, but here’s my entry for the Sunday Trees challenge. 🙂


These are the trees I see every day right around our house.

The first one is our front yard tree in the beginning of fall. The leaves have already started to turn yellow and fall to the ground. You can also see part of our sidewalk, and a weathered wood bench. One of our neighbors built the bench for us.

The next photos I took yesterday afternoon during a rain and hail storm. Lots of thunder, and rain, and the hail  was very loud, but not very big…about pea to marble sized.

There is the tree directly next door. You can see the mailbox in this one.

Then the big tree directly across the street from us. You can see part of their house.

Last tree is across from us, too.

Lots of green leaves, and we have had plenty of rain this year.



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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