Pull Up a Seat # 25 – Colorful Chairs


Pull Up a Seat # 25 – Colorful Chairs Pull_up-_a_Seat-Badge

Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge 2019-Week 25


More chairs I saw at yard sales, and a thrift store:

These all seem to be the folding up kind of lawn chairs that you see everywhere these days. They have a metal frame, and some sort of fabric that’s maybe canvas-like?

The first one is multi-colored (red, yellow, blue, white, green) zig-zag stripes.

The second one is all red except the very top part, which is white, and has our local Texas Tech University logo. There is a cup holder on the arm of the chair.

The third one is red, white, and blue, with a white star. It resembles the Texas state flag.



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    • I’ve sat in one like this before, but I’m always thinking it might collapse. So far it didn’t. I think they may last longer than the plastic webbed kind of lawn chairs, so maybe that’s why they are so popular. 🙂


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