Thursday Doors – Double & Gated


Thursday Doors – Double & Gated



Here are a couple of doors I saw while out and about recently.

First, a many paned double door on the front of a house. The frame is black, and there are white full length curtains. At least I think they are curtains. The side of the house is red brick, and there is a brown/gray half barrel planter by the steps.


This is a door to the thrift store we went to. It is made of a red metal frame, with mesh wiring. It has hinges, so it will swing shut across the doorway opening.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Multi-paned doors always give me flashbacks to childhood that leave me with a tinge of guilt. That is to say that perhaps my friends and I may have broken a few panes with an errant baseball…never on purpose of course 😀

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