Burgers on the Grill – Song Lyric Sunday – Dad/Father/BBQ


Burgers on the Grill – Song Lyric Sunday – Dad/Father/BBQ



In honor of Father’s Day here, Jim has given us the prompt of finding songs for Dad/Father/BBQ.

Thanks, Jim!

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers! 🙂


I’ve heard a lot of Bob Rivers Christmas parody songs, and had a couple of tapes of them, a long time ago. They are pretty funny, so I was happy to find this one about cooking out on the grill, as it fits the theme today.

Most all of his fun songs are done to the tune of popular and well known songs.

There will probably be a lot of people cooking BBQ out on the grill today, including us here. 🙂



From the Wiki article:

Robert Rivers (born July 7, 1956 in Branford, Connecticut) is a retired American rock and roll radio on-air personality in the Pacific Northwest, as well as a prolific producer and songwriter of parody songs, most famous for his Christmas song parodies.[1] His album Twisted Christmas was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.[2]

Rivers’ last regular radio program, The Bob Rivers Show with Bob, Spike and Joe, was broadcast on Seattle oldies station KJR-FM until August 8, 2014, ending a 25-year run in the Seattle market.[3]

Rivers played keyboards for a cover band affiliated with the show, Spike and the Impalers,[4][5][6] until 2015.


“Burgers on the Grill,” by Bob Rivers, was recorded in 2003. This one is done to the tune of the Doors song, “Riders on the Storm”.



Riders On The Storm – Doors)

Burgers on the grill
Burgers on the grill
I’ve really had my fill
Of burgers on the grill
When the relatives go home
I’m stuck with chicken bones
And burgers on the grill

There’s a steak tip on the coals
It fell down through the holes
And now it’s caught on fire
Smells like a funeral pyre
I was tryin’ to get it back
But it’s turnin’ pretty black
Steak tip on the coals


Wiener on the foil
The skin begins to boil
I dropped it in the soil
I thought that it was spoiled
So I washed it with a hose
And fed it to Aunt Rose
Wiener on the foil

Burgers on the grill
Burgers on the grill


Lyrics found on LyricsFreak


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