Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Social


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Social

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 15/19


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “social.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!


The word of the day for SOCS, is ‘social’. Thanks, Linda! 🙂



I have no idea what to say about this word, social, because I’m not very social. Not in real life, anyway. On commenting on blogs, though, I think I’m doing okay with being social. I mean, it’s called social media, after all. We’re kind of supposed to be social on here. Making online friends, having conversations, and all that.

But, here at home, I dread the social doings. I’m okay with family, but please don’t ask me to go to a get together or party. I won’t be upset if I’m not invited. I’ll be so happy that you didn’t include me for the festivities.

They always sound fun, and I know people enjoy getting together to talk and have a good time with other people. Just not my kind of fun at all. Oh, I’ll go sometimes, and be friendly, and mingle a little, but the whole time, I’m counting the minutes/hours until I can leave.

So I go along to be sociable for a little while. Then I get fidgety and shaky and nervous, and just need to get out of there. I’ll go lock myself in the bathroom for awhile, or go outside to be by myself for as long as I can, before having to go back in there. Ugh!

Is being social when you have a few words with a stranger while standing in line at the grocery store? If so, then I’m fine with that, because there is only a short few minutes you have to interact.

So there you have it. I’m not a social butterfly, or a social animal as they say, at all.

What are some animals that are social…is it because they live in groups? Maybe ants, or bees? Social insects?

Do kids have to be socialized, have to learn how to meet and greet other kids? Probably a little bit, to get a feel for how to get along with others. Later on they can be as social or not as they want to be.

And then we get into the word ‘anti-social’. That’s a whole other topic, I think.

Enough of this…I’m getting antsy already!

Have a great Saturday!

I think the neighbors behind our house are going to be very social this weekend, probably because of Father’s Day here. They’ve set up a huge trampoline the kids and also the older kids have been jumping on since yesterday. And this morning they are getting ready to barbeque, as I can see the smoke all over their back yard!

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful father’s out there! Have a great day! 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. I get the sense that many of us bloggers are of a similar nature. I mean, I like dinner with a couple of close friends, but more than two people? And with people I don’t know?? Why???

    • I know! Every one I’ve been reading seems to be saying the same…no big crowds of people, but just a very few others to be around is okay…for a little while. All the talking and smiling and milling around, and even at a crowded restaurant, it’s nerve wracking! 🙂 Thanks, Emily!

  2. For most of my life, I’ve fought against my natural introvert tendencies. It helped to take acting classes when I was at the community college. I realize that when I’m in social groups, it’s like I’m acting. But it drains me after a while. It’s such a relief to have the freedom to choose.

    • Thanks, JoAnna!
      Interesting that sometimes it feels like you are just acting, but if that’s what helps, then I’m all for it.
      It is draining to be ‘on’ when you’re at a gathering. After awhile, I need to be by myself to re-charge! 🙂

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