Here’s some photos of the Haboob we had here yesterday afternoon!

It was a wall of dirt barreling through the city, with very strong winds. Then it poured down rain.

The first three photos are from the local weather station, and shows the brown roiling dirt coming closer to the city.

Even my phone sounded an alert…Dust Storm Warning!

The last two are what I saw from our back door. The sky was all dirty, gritty brown. It lasted awhile. We do get these Haboobs every once in awhile here.

We were even mentioned on the national news!



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Wow. That is truly impressive! Very “interesting” weather patterns we’ve had here lately, isn’t it?

    I’m always fascinated to see the views from other people’s part of the world. Thanks for sharing it here 🙂 I’m grateful you are safe & sound! ♥

    • Thanks, Holly! The weather this spring has been really strange, with winter hanging on, and so many tornadoes all over. Hope it settles down soon. 🙂

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