Random Act of Kindness


Random Act of Kindness

Random Act of Kindness Award Nominations


  • Thank the person nominating you, and tag them
  • Write a paragraph or more on the experience of an act of kindness or something you have read or seen, or done, yourself
  • Nominate three people who have to follow the rules and do the same as written above
  • Paste and copy the picture from above on your post. Let the people you nominated know they have been nominated


Thank you so much, Mws R , for nominating me for the Random Acts of Kindness award! Very much appreciated that you’d think of me for this! 🙂

You can find her lovely blog at the above link!


There are lots of little everyday things a person can do to show kindness to others. Even if you’re just being nice, the other person is appreciative of this, whether they tell you or not, I think. These could be as simple as holding open a door for someone, complimenting them for their clothes or hairstyle, letting someone go ahead of you in line somewhere, or just plain old listening…really listening to someone, and caring about what they are saying – not thinking random thoughts when they are speaking, waiting for your turn to talk. I try to do all of these on many occasions.

I’ve painted many rocks, called Kindness Rocks, and I leave them all around town for people to find. They are fun to paint and I hope whoever finds them gets a smile or a good feeling from them. I try to make them cute or funny, or just a word or two of something uplifting…such as ‘smile’, ‘hope’, ‘believe’, ‘yes’, ‘peace’, etc. I will also paint a butterfly, or ladybug, or tree, or flower, just anything simple and fun onto the rocks.

Here are few photo of some:


There are so many bloggers who are very kind, I tag everyone for this award. If you have acts of kindness to share, please do. ❤


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2019 BS



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  1. you mentioned you painted rocks in a previous blog post,…think it was last year, and I thought “I can do that!”…..so I have been. leaving little painted rocks in places for people to find them. I started crocheting scarves too and just tieing them to trees and telephone poles around town..with a note on them saying: “are you cold? Take me home as I have been waiting for you!”


    • Yes, I have posted about the rocks before.
      That is so cool that you’ve been painting & leaving Kindness Rocks around, too. And scarves…that’s a real nice thing to do! I’m sure someone appreciates them. 🙂


    • Thanks! I have the fun of painting the rocks, and I hope the people who find them think it’s fun, too. Myself, I’ve only found maybe three that someone else painted. It sure made me happy! 🙂


  2. I love this so much! We have a movement here where painted rocks ate hidden all around the lake. Sometimes just fun, others in recognition of a disease suffered, at times they’re painted with some free gift to collect. When found, a photo is taken, posted to the FB page and rehidden with clues it’s quite fun and brilliant!


    • Thanks! I love that you have a similar way of spreading Kindness rocks! Yes, I’ve done the same…I take a photo of any that I find, and post to the groups on FB. I’ve had a few of mine that were found posted there, too. It’s not required, but it is fun to see that your painted rocks were found. 🙂


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