Where’s Toto? – One Liner Wednesday


Where’s Toto? – One Liner Wednesday


One-Liner Wednesday – Reason #27 Why Sign Language is Our Friend



Here’s a couple of one liners I’ve said myself!  🙂


I admit, I get flustered when talking on the phone to businesses. Well, all the time talking. Anyway…here’s a couple strange things I’ve actually said before:

Do you know where Toto is?

Yeah…I’d been to the beauty salon getting my hair done, and lost my earrings. I have a pair that are of the Wizard of Oz dog, Toto. I thought maybe I’d taken them off there. At any rate I couldn’t find them.

The lady said, “What?”

I had to explain, and the conversation didn’t get much better. Turns out I found the Toto earrings in my purse, later on. 🙂


I loooovvvveee your pizza, but we don’t want it.

Umm-hmm…I’d ordered a pizza over the phone…so far so good. Then we changed our mind and I called them back real quick to cancel the order. They wanted to know why, was something wrong with it. I said no, I love your pizza, we just don’t want it…we changed our mind. 🙂


Have you ever made a mess of what you’re trying to say? It always comes out a jumble for me.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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