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Lots of people are being warned of a particularly dangerous situation outbreak of  storms and/or tornadoes today. We here are included in this announcement.


Trying to take a lighthearted take on this, but seriously…please remember the safety tips in case any storms come close to your area.



Trying to find something to wear

In case we get blown into the air

They say we definitely should prepare

But what on earth should I wear?


What should you do during a tornado?

  • If you are indoors at home during a tornado – Go to the basement or a windowless first flood room such as a closet or bathroom. Duck under a table if possible and cover your body with a sleeping bag or blanket.
  • If you are in a school or office building – Move indoors, away from windows, and to the lowest floor. Crouch down and protect your head.
  • If you are in a mobile home – Evacuate and go to a nearby shelter or basement. If there is nowhere available, see the instructions below for the outdoors.
  • If you are outdoors – Lie down into a low area such as a ditch and protect your head. Do not attempt to outrun a tornado. Many exceed highway speeds.
  • In your vehicle – Get to shelter if possible, but do not try to outrun a tornado. If you cannot get to shelter, then stop the vehicle, keep your seat belt fastened, hide under a blanket, and duck below the level of the windows.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. The rule is that when they say “get in the basement,” get in the basement. Our garage is the lowest level and we go in there. It helps to have a radio with you, and I like to watch what comes across the Twitter feed. I can watch #gawx and #atlwx to see what everyone around me is experiencing. There’s a hashtag for each state (# + your two-character state code + wx) and usually one for the closest city, which becomes apparent when you watch the statewide one. And, by all means, get a weather radio; the current ones all use SAME technology so you only get the alerts for your area.

    • Very good that you do have a lower space to get to in severe weather. We don’t have a basement or anything, so guess we’d go in the bathroom, as there are no windows. Good to know about the weather # and all. We do have a weather radio, though.
      Since I posted last, the first round came through here with lots of marble size hail beating on all the windows, and doors, and over 60 mph winds. We’re on a break right now until later storms come through. We saved some kitties from it again, too. Severe storms are nothing to mess around with. 🙂

    • Thank you! We did have a pretty strong storm come through, but at least the hail didn’t break out any windows. Today is much better, just lots of wind and sun. 🙂

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