Rain Clouds – Thursday Inspiration # 4


Rain Clouds – Thursday Inspiration # 4



Today Paula has chosen this lovely photo for our inspiration to write something. Thanks, Paula!

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This week’s theme is rain and the picture is below.

Photo shows, blue sky, yellow flowers, and streaks of rain falling.

Photo credit: Daniel Borker



I asked her what she thought of clouds

All she said was moon

Pointing to a clear blue sky,

Would clouds be coming soon?

She knows the stars, the sun, the sky,

And the silvery moon catches her eye,

But where are the clouds, the clouds with rain?

She loves the rain, she hopes they’ll be stopping by.

She wants the rain, she loves the splatter, upon

The window pane.

On and on she continues to chatter, her happy refrain…

The rain…the rain…the rain…

The moon is great, the sun is fun,

The sky is certainly blue.

But, she wants rain, and only rain,

Nothing else will do.

You see she’s just a little girl…

You see…she’s only two.


~ I wrote this poem in 2015 for my grand-daughter when she was two years old. (she’s 5 now)



“Have You Ever Seen the Rain”, the 2006 cover by Rod Stewart, of a song written by John Fogerty (of Creedence Clearwater Revival) in 1971. This one can be found on the album, “Still the Same…Great Rock Classics of Our Time”, by Rod Stewart.



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