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  1. What social stigma does society need to get over already?

All of them, and the list is long.

What was the last photo you took?

The last photo on my phone was of the red rose from my neighbor’s rose bush. The one before that was of my mother’s day gift from my daughter & family…2 books (‘Vampire Haiku’, and ‘How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You’), and the cute cards they sent.

  1. When was the last time you snooped and found something or found out something you wish you hadn’t?

I’m always snooping around. I don’t know that I found anything I wished I hadn’t found. Just interesting stuff. Mostly my own stuff, like in my closets or drawers that I forgot I had.

  1. What’s the most comfortable bed or chair you’ve ever slept in?

I can almost never get comfortable, but if I sit in a recliner chair, I’ll probably go to sleep. We had a waterbed for a long time. That was probably the most comfortable.


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  1. I bought a waterbed when I was a young woman and almost immediately regretted it. It was a pain in the ass to move and I was moving A LOT. It finally went to a friend who was a quadriplegic whose mattress had worn out. She needed that kind of bed because those cause less bedsores for people who are bed ridden or spend a lot of time lying down. And if you own one of those and an earthquake occurs? You’ll likely end up on the floor after being flung out of the bed from the waves caused. Thanks so much for Sharing Your World!! 🙂

    • Sorry you didn’t enjoy your water bed back then. We liked ours a lot. As you say they are so much trouble when you move house though. We did move several times, and the work of draining it, then filling it again, and waiting for it to heat up again…ugh. Then we had occasional leaks – not fun waking up being all wet! For a long time after we quit using it, we had the frame, still, and I’d get these big air mattresses to use. Those were good, too. Finally we got a regular bed. :0

  2. I never was one to snoop. I once got into something for another altogether naughty reason and found something my brain cannot unsee, and since then, I developed a great respect for privacy. A phobia even. LOL

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