Question Fun # 3 – Food


Question Fun # 3 – Food

Question Fun


Rory has asked some more fun questions…this time about food. We can answer them any way we want! Thanks, Rory!

Click the above link to find out more.


Today’s topic is ………….. Food Glorious Food

What is the best recipe containing whipped cream, strawberries and lashings of chocolate?

Banana Split

How many different colours of food can you think of on the top of your head without Googling the answers?

Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Red, Orange, Brown, Beige,

I am [a] ____________CheF?

I am not a chef, but I can cook and bake. Except I do burn toast and bread of all kinds. It’s my signature dish, and everyone in my family knows it.

Really bad, practically hopeless

Not Bad, but awfully clumsy

About average ‘toast is a meal, right’

Above average, at least l don’t burn toast

Pretty damn good if l say so myself

Hot Kitchen Supremo and can master any dish blinfolded, with both arms tied behind my back and my feet in concrete boots

What is the one dish that no matter how hard you try you simply cannot master?

Candy making – I’ve tried, and it never turns out right

In your wise opinion, what are five main ingredients that could feed a family for a week with an assortments of recipes?

Hamburger meat, potatoes, peanut butter, jelly, green beans

Wine only meant for the drinking or the cooking?

Never use it for anything

What are three brilliant food quotes?

I’m on a seafood diet – I see food, I eat it

I eat to live, not live to eat

Have you eaten any of the following?

Snails, frogs legs, fugu, eyeballs, crispy tarantulas, squid, chocolate covered ants, jellied moose nose, huitlacoche, airag, Casu marzu, Century egg, Stargazey Pie, ostrich egg, alligator, locusts and if none of those what then is the wierdest food you have ever consumed and lived to write about it now?

I’ve had snails, frog legs, squid, none of the others. One weird meal we had was when my daughter was learning to cook. She made us a macaroni, prune & bubblegum casserole. We ate it…and lived! haha

What is umami?

Something Ross (of the TV show ‘Friends’) was going on about one time. He thought it was karate or something.

What colour is the French wine Beaujolais?


What is a great musical track that always makes you think of food?

From which cactus is tequila made?


Why on earth is blue cheese blue and red cheese red, how so?

They are nasty moldy lumps of grossness!

What is a pisang when it is at home with the family?

No idea

What is it about baked beans, why do they make you fart and why does asparagus make your pee smell, well ………….odd?

Chemical reaction in the guts

Okay, Pita when not meaning ‘Pain in the ass’ what does this Greek word really mean?

Pocket bread

Who loves Ben & Jerry ice cream? i am pretty sure l know of at least three of my readership who love this brand, so there should be no reason not to know the answer to this question?  Which one of the following is NOT one of their recipes?

Birthday Cake/BM’s One Love/Civet Coffeecrumbles/Half Baked/Caramel Chew Chew

Taking a guess…BM’s One Love? The only Ben & Jerry ice cream I’ve ever had was Cherry Garcia

What is Seitan when it is not terrorising the neighbourhood and What is Lupin if not a cousin of the werewolf?

Food on a stick, and a flower?

Of the following which is are the fermented food stuffs?


All of them

Why does fish smell so fishy and so very fishy at that?

Because they are fish and they are scary and they are nasty. They probably are smelly to keep from getting eaten, but it doesn’t work.




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  1. You cracked me up!
    My SIL also burns toast. And bacon. But that’s how SHE likes it, so when she serves it like that, it comes from a place of love 😉

  2. Ha ha brilliant answers Barbara, my sincere apologies for my lateness, but l feel WP still have a very long way to go with getting pingbacks working right. I discovered this post in my pending file just now. Lord knows where WP had been hiding it before hand because it wasn’t in my pending file this morning – cracking post 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and commented:
    Just in case you ever wanted to know the absolute truth which by the way is hidden very deep in the X-files – here it is …

    Why does fish smell so fishy and so very fishy at that?

    Because they are fish and they are scary and they are nasty. They probably are smelly to keep from getting eaten, but it doesn’t work.

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