World Record – 3 Things Challenge


World Record -3 Things Challenge

Today’s prompt: hammer, braid, Canada

Today’s prompt: cow, trapeze, avocado

Today’s prompt: lipstick, piano, butterfly


Thanks so much for hosting this fun challenge, Paula! 🙂


World Record

It was time…time for the daredevil act of the century. If this stunt could be successfully accomplished, it would qualify as a historic page in the history books.

The contestant was back stage getting herself prepared. She scrubbed her face with an avocado paste, applied ‘Radiant Red’ lipstick, and braided her hair with ribbons. Being a Canadian citizen, she wore a white cape with a red Maple Leaf design stitched on. She felt ready to begin her flight into history.

The people from Guinness Record Books were there, too, to document this never before done trapeze act. It was a first to beat all firsts.

Gong Gong Gong

The hammer beat upon the gong to signal it was starting. The crowd was hushed in anticipation. Then, as the star of the day came into the arena, the loudspeakers introduced her to a rousing piano tune.

Mounting the specially made trapeze, she swung higher and higher, and even higher…and she let go! Soaring through the air as beautiful as a butterfly

the cow jumped over the moon!

photo found on Pixabay


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