That’s How It Goes Sometimes


That’s How It Goes Sometimes


Nice little banana tree with broad green leaves, sitting on a red saucer on a table in front of the window


Doesn’t it seem as if several things happen all at once, sometimes…

In the past few minutes:

I was getting water and my noontime meds ready to take

My phone was dinging – daughter was sending a photo of my grand-daughter (can’t show a photo, but she was wearing a cute little dress with avacados printed on it and holding a stuffed animal)

Cricket the cat was nudging and nipping my leg wanting either food or brushing

The mister was saying, “Your phone is dinging” … “Who is it?”

My phone dinged again – my other daughter was texting about the morning jokes & yard work

My phone dinged again – she sent a photo of a banana tree she is growing

The mister wants to see the pictures

I didn’t give Cricket any more food, because she’d just had some a few minutes ago

She wandered off, brushing forgotten about I guess (yes, she begs for brushing every day) (and catnip after, of course)

I washed up lunch dishes

Finally got everyone settled

Now, I’m back at my computer typing all this & getting ready to read blogs and respond to comments


I love it all. ❤

That’s how it goes, sometimes! 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2019 BS

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