Kentucky Derby Day


Kentucky Derby Day


When I was a kid, I was obsessed with horses! I never owned one, but wished I did.

But since I couldn’t, I watched any TV show I could that had horses in it. I’d watch Western & cowboy shows, like the Lone Ranger, Sugarfoot, Wagon Train, and Roy Rogers, to name just a few. Why? Because they all had horses in them.

I’d also watch the Kentucky Derby on TV every year, too. I’d be so excited, and it seems the race was aired here around lunch time. So, my favorite lunch while watching was grilled cheese and tomato soup. (it’s funny how you remember such details!)

One summer, in 1962, I had the great idea to come up with a whole list of horse names. My goal was 1,001. Some of these names I’d make up, but others I’d take from the racing forms my grand-dad had. He’d go to the horse races in New Mexico all the time, and bring me back the forms. I’d study on the horses, their names, and stats. I was eleven years old, when all this was going on.

Well, I did complete my list. Yay!

I’ve told this story many times, and the thing is…I got a lot of it wrong!!!

Some of you may have seen my post, that includes a few photos of my list, and some horses I drew, but if you haven’t read it, or want to read it again, here’s the link:


Anyway, just thought I’d share a funny song about the Kentucky Derby.



Have a happy first Saturday in May!

May the Fourth- Force be with you!

Good Luck to the Kentucky Derby participants!


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Was “Spot” one of the horse names?

    Did you ever watch “Sgt. Preston of the Yukon”? His horse was Rex.

    My aunt and uncle got married on Derby Day. One of their gifts was a bet on the race. I don’t think the horse finished in the money, though.

    • Thanks, John!
      Candy Spots was one of the names, and it was an actual race horse.
      I vaguely remember watching a few of the “Sgt. Preston” shows. I’d forgotten the horse’s name was Rex. Thanks for reminding me of this show. I did watch Fury all the time, and of course Mr. Ed.
      That’s a memorable anniversary for your aunt & uncle! Pretty cool gift, too, but wish they’d have won. 🙂

  2. May the 4th be with you too! I’ve always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby but have never actually been to Kentucky. You see my dilemma… 🙂

    • Thanks, Brian!
      It is a fun video, isn’t it! Wil has a lot of videos and sketches, and they are all good. He’s been a FB & Twitter friend of mine for quite a few years. You can find his other songs & parodies on YouTube. 🙂

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