Flower of the Day – Honeysuckle


Flower of the Day – Honeysuckle


My honeysuckle vine has started blooming again! Here are some photos I took yesterday afternoon. I thought last year it was gone, because it barely had any leaves, and didn’t flower at all. I guess since we’ve had some rain this year, it came back. I’m glad, as I’ve had this honeysuckle vine for quite a few years. There were two little starter plants when I got them, and now they have climbed up taller than the back fence.

The first photo is of one whiteish flower, and some greenish yellow buds. The next two are of the full flowers, and some yellow parts, too. I love how they smell! 🙂



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    • Thanks, Erin!
      Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning spray. I’ll have to look for that, especially if it smells like honeysuckle! Love that smell…used to have some perfume of that, too. ❤


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