Versatile Blogger Award


Versatile Blogger Award versatile-blogger2

The Versatile Blogger Award


I want to thank KKatch22, for gifting me the Versatile Blogger Award! You can find her blog at the above link.



If you are gifted, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award.

Thank the person who gave you this award. 

Include a link to their blog.

Gift and notify 3 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award  that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

Finally, tell the person who gifted you 5 things about yourself.


5 things about myself:

My favorite color is black

My favorite holiday is Halloween

I love going to yard sales

I drink 2 cups of coffee a day with cream

My favorite type of food is Mexican


I want to gift this Versatile Blogger Award to all.

As I feel everyone who blogs is awesome, I nominate you. If you’d like to take the award badge, please do. 🙂 I know how many parts there are to blogging, and how much time is spent, so you all deserve an award.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2019 BS

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  1. Congratulations!! This makes me really happy to see because I recently thought of you for this award as well! Your blog is so much fun, you are incredibly kind & thoughtful and you just simply deserve it!

    What’s your favorite Mexican food? A local Mexican restaurant where I just moved from made this dish with chicken, some kind of fabulous cheese (not sure what it was), a bunch of perfectly cooked veggies and rice. I still can’t pronounce what it is but it is DIVINE! ♥

    Congratulations again, my friend. I hope everyone recognizes you and your awesome blog 🙂

    • Such sweet compliments…thank you so much, Holly!
      Hard to pick just one favorite Mexican food, but when we go out to eat I always get a beef enchilada and a crispy taco. Of course we have queso, hot sauce, and tortilla chips. This always comes with refried beans and some rice, too. oooh guacamole…yum! haha I just like it all. 🙂 Wish you could have taken your favorite restaurant with you when you moved. Hope you can find another favorite, though. xx

  2. Way to go on your newest award.

    Okay, five things about me.

    I love boating.
    I love comfort foods, but don’t have them very often. Potatoes and gravy, pasta, bread and butter.
    I’m the luckiest gal on the planet because I’m marred to Zane.
    I am thankful for each day that I’m given and I live them to the fullest.
    I love kitties and puppies. I miss our Little Bit every single day.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

    • Thanks so much, Sandee!
      Yay for answering the questions, too!
      Yep, gravy & potatoes are always good, and we have it often here at home.
      I’m happy you and your husband found each other, and have a beautiful life together.
      Yes, we’re lucky to have days to be thankful for, I agree.
      I’m sorry your Little Bit is gone, they have a way of leaving their paw prints on our hearts, don’t they. ❤
      It's almost Friday! Wishing you a great start to the day and the weekend! xx

  3. Congrats on the award. I’m enjoying reading your blog. My husband & I love Mexican food. Since we are Mexican we cook alot at home. Mostly my husband because of my fibromyalgia it is extremely difficult to cook. But his homemade chili is awesome. I make great crispy tacos. We both are happy that anyone who has had are enchilad love them. We both have our own way of making them. My husband makes the best Chile verde. Just talking about Mexican food gets me started! Lol, as you can see. I’m in a flare. Up so there was no cooking today, but we have some Chile con carne left with rice, so we love to cook & eat!! So glad you started following me, I look forward to following your future post.

    • Thanks so much, Yvonne! I’m happy to hear you’ve enjoyed reading my blog.
      How awesome it sounds that you and your husband like to cook Mexican food quite often. I like going out to the restaurants, but the best in my opinion is that which we make ourselves here at home, too. I have a really good creamy enchilada recipe, and my husband does the ones with the red sauce. I even made tamales from scratch one time…turned out good, but took a long time from start to finish. haha! 🙂

      • Nice! Tamales are quite time consuming! But so worth it. Yum yum! Once you get it down with help it really can be easy & fun. We add a little homemade chili paste to the masa not spicy but gives it that smoky Chile flavor, so yummy! I should make a food blog!! Lol!!! Have a great day new friend.

      • That was a good idea to add the chili paste to the masa. I didn’t add anything to mine, and they were a little bland, even though I’d used the peppers in with the meat. There’s some pretty good ones at the restaurants around here, but home made is always best.
        Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! 🙂

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