Variable Definitions – A to Z Blog Challenge – Letter V


Variable Definitions – A to Z Blog Challenge – Letter V #AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter V



Variable Definition = vituperation – The distinctive smell of sweat that is exuded after taking certain vitamins.

Sentence = Bonnie smelled like an orange when she worked out, after taking her vitamin C.

Real Definition = Sustained and bitter railing and condemnation; vituperative utterance (abuse)


Variable Definition = varve – An insect egg; an undeveloped larva.

Sentence = Vector control reports that local ponds have been inundated with mosquito varve, and are due to hatch out soon.

Real Definition = A pair of layers of alternately finer and coarser silt or clay believed to comprise an annual cycle of deposition in a body of still water.


Variable Definition = velamen – A breath refresher tablet, for men.

Sentence = Guys, tired of your mouth feeling fruity and minty? Velamen breath tablets are available in these new flavors…steak, beer, and jalapeno/cheese.

Real Definition = The thick, corky epidermis of aerial roots of an epiphytic orchid, that absorbs water from the atmosphere.


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