Five Reasons Why Your Restaurant is Dead To Me Now


Five Reasons Why Your Restaurant is Dead to Me Now


This is a large paper I stuck up on one of our kitchen doors. It has listed all the restaurants I could think of at the time that we go to occasionally. For awhile I was making a mark by them, so we could see how many times we visited that particular place. I haven’t updated the list in a long time, and some of these are not in business any more. Others, I forgot to put on the list at all.  You can click the photo to see it better.

Some of the restaurants have been exed XX out, and here’s why…

You know, we go out to eat quite a lot around here, and most always enjoy it. Sometimes it’s just fast food, sometimes a more fancy place. We get take-out a lot of times, but mostly we’ll go inside a restaurant to sit down and eat. We’re pretty regular customers at several places here in town, but sometimes something happens that makes us cross them off our list. We won’t ever go back to these.

Here’s a few things I’ve noticed about eating establishments that turn me off of them:

  • Cockroaches = If when using the restaurant’s bathroom, you shouldn’t have to lift your legs to prevent a whole army of cockroaches from crawling up while you’re sitting there. If the restroom is this bad, heaven only knows what’s going on in the kitchen area where the food is prepared.


  • Illness = If one of your employees is sick with something, and they are coughing, sneezing, and wiping their noses while taking your order, or serving your food, you should send them home until they are well. To have them continue to work, all the while complaining of how bad they feel, and how sick they are out loud to everyone, should be an indication you will lose customers. Besides, they will infect other employees and customers, too.


  • Lax cleaning = When the tables and condiment bottles on the table (salt, pepper, hot sauce, etc) are sticky from being used so often, you should clean them off with a sanitary wipe after each customer leaves the table. This goes for wiping down the tables, too. Don’t use a filthy rag, get a fresh one each time. Your dirty wash water and rag only spreads germs around. We see you do this … ugh!


  • Check the salad bar often = When there are flies in the restaurant, you can be sure they will land on the salad fixings. I saw one stuck in the pudding one time!


  • Check the register tape for accurate addition of charges of a meal. Don’t charge us $315.00 for a ham sandwich, and we have to point it out to you.

I’m sure there are more reasons that I can’t remember now, but hope this hasn’t grossed you out too much!


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • haha! Yeah, way too much! We did get a refund, but it took awhile, as it had to go through their channels. Our fault too, as we didn’t notice until we got our credit bill.

    • Thanks! Buns over Texas is a pretty good place with lots of choices on the menu, mostly featuring hamburgers that you put your own fixings on after the meat is done. When your order is done, they holler over the loud speaker, like for me would be, “Barbara, your buns are up!” haha 🙂

  1. Ooh, girl. Mmhm. I one time took my kids through the drive-thru at Wendy’s — frosties for them all, and it was somethin like $9.16 or $9 and change. The woman rang me up for $90, like $91.16. She swiped my card and then apologized that it would take three days to get my money back. She tried to make this up to me by telling me my order was free and I would get all the money back in three days.
    I didn’t eat at Wendy’s for 12 years. I am not kiddin. I pay cash every time, too.

    Also, we went to a steakhouse on your list, one time in Savannah, first time I’d ever been in there. Had toddlers then. Took them to the restroom. Feces, DRIED feces, all over the entire restroom — up the walls. My Moo reached for it. I swiped that kid up and hightailed it out of there. We’d ordered and had drinks already. I did not pay, I left. When was the last bathroom check? Are you tellin me staff didn’t know?!? It took me a long time to calm down and call them. Meanwhile, we ate elsewhere, after I baby wiped and hand sanitizered my kids to bits.

    A bad restaurant trip is memorable.

    • That’s funny you mentioned Wendy’s, because we ate at a Wendy’s yesterday and had frosties, too!
      Not good about the over charge to your bill…$90! and I guess they have policies for that, but why can’t they just cancel the wrong ticket out, and re-do it right then, or give a refund or something while you’re standing there…not have to wait days for it to be corrected!
      That nastiness at the other place…just ewwww…horrible! Glad you got out of there fast and yes used hand wipes and sanitizing stuff. We carry those things with us at all times. 🙂

      • Yeah, I’da been a lot happier with cash from the register, I do believe they can afford to pay for their own mistakes, since they are a large corporation and I was just a mom! Frosties, tho… 😛

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