Flower of the Day – Viola or Pansy?


Flower of the Day – Viola or Pansy?


This is either a viola flower or a pansy flower. I’m not sure, as it’s hard for me to tell the difference. I think pansies look like a little face when I see them, and this one doesn’t have that. It has two dark purple petals on top, then the lower white flower part has three petals. There is a yellow center, with purple spikes radiating out from the yellow center.


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  1. Pansies belong to the viola family. Long ago when I was at school we were told how to tell them apart. If it has four petals facing upwards and one down as in your photo it means it is a pansy. I always remember P4 but I am sure there is an easier way. Violas are usually smaller and have two petals pointing upwards and three going down.
    Strictly speaking, as pansies belong to the viola family, you are still right if you call it a viola. But don’t call a viola a pansy! 🙂


    • Actually, looking at your photo again (after putting my glasses on!) I saw the division wrongly and the three petals are going down, so it is a viola.


    • We went out to lunch today, and there were flower beds full of these. I tried to be smart and tell my husband that they were violas and not pansies, after reading the above comments. Hope I was right. I took some pictures…haha!


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