March Squares – Spikes # 28


March Squares – Spikes # 28

Only a few spikes left


This time I have a photo of some spiky corn stalks. This was at a corn maze we went through a few years ago. Those things are fun, but really a bit spooky. You can hear the dried out stalks rustling in the breeze. Some of the plants leaves were still a bit green, though the sun shining on the tops of them made them look golden. The stalks are so tall and the dirt path so narrow, it’s hard to tell where you are in the maze.


“Corn Fed”, by Shannon Brown was released in 2006. It was produced by John Rich, of Big and Rich, and is on the Warner Bros. label.



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    • Thanks, Carol Anne!
      I know we’re out there with other people, but still, it is quiet with only the breeze rustling the dried corn stalks. Your imagination can really run wild when you’re out there! 🙂


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