March Squares – Spikes # 25


March Squares – Spikes # 25

Spiky Countdown


Today, for the spiky photo I have some sticks of incense and some pointy shards of peppermint candy.

As it is getting to the end of the challenge (our last week!) it’s getting harder to find spiky, pointy things. Yeah, I’m trying to think of anything I can, and setting up photos for it. Plus, my added challenge of finding a song that works with the photo…sometimes not easy at all! Whew…this has sure been a challenge, but fun!

Thanks, Becky! A few more days, and we’ll see what I can find. 🙂



“Incense and Peppermints”, by The Strawberry Alarm Clock, was released from their album of the same name in 1967. It was written by John S. Carter, and Tim Gilbert, and is on the UNI label.



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