Surprise! – Three Things Challenge # 31/32


Surprise! – Three Things Challenge # 31/32

Today’s prompt: tortilla, vault, riverbed

Today’s prompt: rainbow, serpent, cookie


The year 1819…

When the town founders buried the time capsule down by the riverbed, they thought the waterproof vault would keep the contents dry for many, many years.

The year 2019…

Two hundred years later, there was held a celebration on founder’s day. The town had grown over the years, and it was time to open the time capsule. As the crowd of townspeople gathered for speeches, they were treated to a bar-b-que, with lots of fajitas wrapped in tortillas. For desert there were chocolate chip cookies. The circus-like atmosphere had everyone in a festive mood.

Town dignitaries held shovels with rainbow streamers tied on them, and were at the ready. When the band started playing, they started digging.

Shortly, the vault was brought up from the hole, and the big moment had arrived. The band played a drum-roll as the Mayor pried open the lid.

The serpent sprung out of the canister like one of those joke snakes…but he was real. He bit the Mayor on the nose, then slithered off into the water.

The joke was on the town of Clownsville.


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