Three Things Challenge # 29/30


Three Things Challenge # 29/30

Today’s prompt: merchant, danger, lavender

Today’s prompt: rocks, oregano, carburetor


It was 1971. My friends and I were rolling down the road, singing along to the songs on the radio. We had no forewarning…



The little golden bell tinkled as we entered the shop. We’d never seen this place before, but there it was, exactly when we needed it, appearing out of no where.

You see, our van had broken down, now forlorn on the side of the road as we’d traveled the highways and byways. Adventure was our motto, but how could we continue now? We needed a mechanic.

This place didn’t look like a garage, but maybe we could call someone. There was the scent of burning incense and oregano, or maybe something a little more enticing, wafting in the small room. The merchant, came out of a back area. There was something strange about him, though, as he never spoke a word to us at first. He picked up two, lavender painted rocks from the counter, which he struck together three times.

“Your carburetor is fixed,” he said.

Well, we thanked him and left money for his help, as we stepped back outside to our van. It started right up, and we took off back down the road.

Now, you may think this was just a hallucination on our part, but it happened. Talking about it later on, we all said we’d felt an aura of danger about the man we encountered. We were all glad to be on our way.


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  1. What a great short story! It reminds me of something that happened to us when we were on a road trip in Ireland during October 2017. It is a true story but quite long so I will put it in a separate comment so you can delete it if you want to.

  2. We had often visited Ireland for odd days during port calls on cruises and decided we wanted to see more and decided to take a 2 week road trip around the south and east of the country.

    We stopped at bed and breakfast places for 2 nights at a time, and then storm Ophelia struck. There was a lot of damage and disruption so we had to stay an extra night before moving on. We got to our next destination and the weather was beautiful and all to soon it was time to move on again. The B&B owner warned us there was another storm on the way.
    We left and the storm hit. We were travelling the Wild Atlantic Way, and believe me, it was wild!

    We saw a small hotel/ pub/ cafe and I was desperate for a coffee so we pulled in. There was only one car in the car park and it’s doors were wide open and the rain was driving right through the car.
    We went in and the thinnest woman I have ever seen came to us.
    I told her about the car and she said the dog likes sleeping there so she always leaves the doors open for him.

    She told us to come into the pub part of the hotel as the fire was lit. We followed her in, the doors creaked, the floor creaked and it was so gloomy you could only see with the light from the fire.
    It felt like entering Dracula’s castle.

    We ordered and paid for coffees and off she went. About half an hour later she came back with them. If the weather hadn’t been so bad we wouldn’t have waited that long.
    Hubby took a sip and said I wouldn’t like the coffee. I have never tasted anything so vile in my life! It was undrinkable.

    She stood there watching us and we were trying to take the tiniest sips without tasting it.
    Another woman arrived and they went in the next room whispering together.
    Next to our table was a huge floor standing vase about 4 feet high. We threw our coffees in there and shouted a thanks and goodbye and went on our way.

    When we got back home, out of curiosity I looked on Google to find out more about that place. I couldn’t find it.
    I did a street view around the area I knew it was and still couldn’t find it.
    I was determined by then that I would find it. I can still see that place as clear as if it was yesterday.
    I then did a google street view and followed the road the complete length from one bed and breakfast to the next one we stayed at – twice!
    I can’t find it. It doesn’t appear to exist!
    It leaves me wondering if we had a lucky escape.
    This story is 100% true. I promise you I have not made it up.
    I just remembered it is St.Patrick’s Day so it is the right day for telling of our experience.

    Maybe one day we will go back to see if we can find it, but I can assure you that if we do we won’t be calling in for coffee.

    I told you it was a long story and I hope you didn’t mind me leaving it in a comment.

    • Thank you so much for telling me about your strange experience! I love stories like this, especially since they are true.
      The storms, and then the way the ladies were acting at this place would have me wondering, too. So weird that later there was no evidence of that place ever existing!
      Have you ever thought about it being a place that is real, but in another dimension than the one we live in? Maybe there was a glitch that made it happen like that.
      I know I’ve had strange things happen, so I know it could be possible.
      Oh, and sorry the coffee was so awful! I’m glad y’all got out of there as soon as you could, too. 🙂

      • When I could find no trace of that place, and I had spent several hours tracing the road every step of the way on Google maps, I wondered if it had been a ghostly apparition. I had felt uneasy from first setting foot inside.
        I hadn’t thought of it appearing temporarily from another dimension but I definitely wouldn’t dismiss the possibility.
        I also wondered how many other people had emptied their foul tasting coffee into the huge vase.

      • I’ve heard of angels appearing just when someone needed help in some way, but this place and woman sure didn’t sound like any angel. That you really needed a coffee and shelter from the oncoming storm, and this place just appeared… so convenient…yet so spooky in hindsight!
        I’d love to hear any more unusual experiences you might have had. 🙂
        haha – that big vase sure was handy to get rid of the awful coffee!

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