Glitch – March Photo Prompt


Glitch – March Photo Prompt

March Speculative Fiction Prompt


This is the photo given to us by Diana, of Myths of the Mirror, to write about. Thanks, Diana!


pixabay image by Natan Vance




I was bored.

I was sitting in my bedroom that weekend morning, waiting for the much ballyhooed total eclipse that was to take place later that day to be over. My family had been talking of nothing else for days, and I was sick of hearing about it already.

“Don’t you want to come outside with us, Jaycee?” My mom held out some special eclipse viewing sunglasses things made of cardboard.

I rolled my eyes. “No, mom, y’all go ahead. I have homework to do. I’ll watch it on the internet after while,” I said.

“Suit yourself, but if you change your mind, we’ll be out back,” mom said. I nodded as she left the room.

On my laptop I pulled up Twitter, just to see if something interesting was being said, but all the tweets were about the eclipse. You’d think it was the end of the world by the way everyone was carrying on about it.  Just as I was about to shut it off, I caught a photo someone had posted. I thought it was a cute GIF, and I always liked seeing them, but this looked different.

Wait…wait just a minute…that was…me? No way. Who tweeted a picture of me? I didn’t recognize the gravatar or name. I couldn’t look away. It was me. I was running from…what? The eclipse? That’s what it looked like, but why?

Other people were tweeting responses to the photo.


Run, Jaycee, Run

It’s getting closer…run

It went on along this thread for maybe a hundred or more responses.

Now, I tell you, I was getting scared. Was this real? Probably some kind of weird glitch.  For a test, I chimed in with my own tweet.

This is Jaycee. What am I running from?

After a short pause, the next onslaught of tweets were dire warnings for me to get away. They said if the eclipse caught up with me, I’d be vaporized.

Frowning, I took a few steps over to look out my window. My heart twitched, as I  saw the afternoon light growing dim, as if a cloud had passed by, but I knew that wasn’t it. It was the eclipse starting already. My knees felt like rubber, as I walked back to my desk. With shaking fingers, I tweeted once more.

Whoever started this had better delete it right now. It’s not true.

No one responded. Good.

Just as I went back to the window to call down to my family, total darkness descended. Only the faint glow of the computer screen lit the room. The picture was flickering, and it showed me still running.

Hah! The eclipse didn’t get me…I’m still here! Told ya so, stupid tweeter.


“Jaycee…Jaycee…” my mom yelled as she came up the stairs. “You should have seen it. It was amazing! Jaycee? Where are you?”


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    • Thank you so much, Diana! I’m glad you liked what I came up with for the photo. Parallel universes colliding…I hadn’t thought of it, but what a great idea! 🙂

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