Butterscotch – Three Things Challenge # 26


Butterscotch – Three Things Challenge # 26


Today’s prompt: lozenge, mission, raincoat


I love butterscotch candy, that’s no lie. Those golden disk lozenges melting in my mouth is oh so soothing. Just pop one in, and the buttery sweetness is divine.

Now, the story I’m about to tell you is true. Sounds a bit farfetched, but it happened.

My little sister loved sucking on those butterscotch candies, too, but she shouldn’t have had one that day. It went right down her throat, getting stuck there, choking her.

Mamma was frantic, and her mission was to save my sister. This was before anyone knew of the Heimlich Maneuver being the way to help someone that is choking. She called the doctor. He said to make her drink a lot of water, and the candy lozenge would melt enough that it would finally slip on down.

Well, that’s what she did…she made my sister drink so much water she could have used a raincoat before it was all over. It worked, too. My sister was okay after that, and wanted another piece of candy. That wasn’t going to happen, though. My mamma wouldn’t let her have another hard piece of candy ever again.

We still laugh about it after all these years. It’s funny now, but could have had a horrible ending. I know my sister says now, that she’s still leery of butterscotch, and it took years before she’d try another one.


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