Boom! – Three Things Challenge # 20/21


Boom! – Three Things Challenge # 20/21

Today’s prompt: shortbread, cannon, guru

Today’s prompt: oracle, brunch, volume


My little dog, Guru, is so cute. She’s a fluffy little ball of energy, and always has been

She’s a trained circus performer, as am I, and we’ve been together for five years now.

Wait…let me start at the beginning. My family has traveled around the world with Circus Time. Maybe you’ve heard of us, or seen one of our shows under the big top.

Guru’s mom belonged to the fortune teller with the show. He called himself, “Oracle – The One Who Knows All”. When his dog had puppies, I claimed the runt of the litter for my own. No one thought she’d be able to learn tricks or routines, but she did, with my help. She started out just prancing around with the other show dogs, but soon I had her try out for the cannon shot trick. This is where she’d be shot out of a cannon into my waiting arms. The loud volume of the cannon boom didn’t bother her at all…she loved every minute of it.

After our performances, we’d relax in our trailer, eating a small brunch. Guru would have her dog food, and I’d enjoy tea and shortbread cookies. After a short nap, we’d be ready for the evening show. I’d do my trapeze act, then get Guru ready for the cannon. Like I said, she loved it, and knew when it was time. She’d jump into my arms, and off we’d go. Another town, another show.


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