March Squares – Spikes # 4


March Squares – Spikes # 4

Spiky Squares



We see these all the time around here in west Texas, especially in the spring. The wind and dust storms we have blow the tumbleweeds all over the place. There are fields of them growing, then blowing across roads and highways. They even come up in our yards in town.

I’ve had to dodge them when driving, and have even had them hit the car and get stuck, so you’re driving around with a huge tumbleweed on your car.

You don’t really want to touch them, because they are full of hardened spikes and thorny things. Sometimes people do grab some and decorate them as a sort of Texas Christmas tree!

This first square photo of a tumbleweed was at my daughter’s house. The next photo (not square) was of a tumbleweed up on our truck.

Anyway, I found a song about tumbleweeds, and a really interesting short video about them, too! šŸ™‚




“Tumbling Tumbleweeds”, by Sons of the Pioneers, was written in 1934, by Bob Nolan.




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  1. We had tumble weeds also in SE Colorado. I remember when daddy would burn those that had gathered in the fence row. They burned so fast not many posts were burned but he watch carefully to put the fire out on any posts. I remember the song from what back when also. Thanks for the post.


    • Thanks, Oneta! I’ve never seen anyone burn a bunch of them, but I do know they will pile up along fences everywhere. Part of that little video was filmed here in our town. I recognized some of the buildings in the background. It was at about 40 seconds into it. šŸ™‚


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