Love Is In Da Blog – Our Choice – Day 28


Love Is In Da Blog – Our Choice – Day 28


Today is the last day of Bee’s Love Is In Da Blog musical challenge. We get to pick any song of our own choosing. Thanks, Bee!

I’ve really had a good time following the prompts you suggested for the challenge. It’s been fun to see what songs everyone else found, too.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to have a listen and your thoughts about the songs!


These two songs are favorites of mine. They were a couple of the featured songs in the movie soundtrack of “Tokyo Pop”. That movie is definitely one of my favorites. In the movie the first song was sung by Carrie Hamilton, daughter of Carol Burnett. Carrie has sadly passed away now, but she was a wonderful actress.
The second song is sung by Diamond Yukai Tadokoro, who is an actual rock star in his homeland of Japan.
These songs were the love songs the characters in the movie wrote and sang to each other. They are very emotional and lovely.
I tried to find lyrics to them, but never could for some reason. Hope you enjoy listening to them, and maybe sometime you can find the movie to watch. It’s really good.
“Hiro’s Song” also known as “Never Forget”, sung by Carrie Hamilton in the 1988 movie, “Tokyo Pop”.


Diamond Yukai Tadokoro singing in English and Japanese, in the 1988 movie, “Tokyo Pop”.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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