Love Is In Da Blog – Movie/Film – Day 27


Love Is In D Blog – Movie/Film – Day 27


Today Bee has asked us for love songs from a movie or film. Thanks, Bee!

I always liked this movie, “Top Gun”, and the song. One reason I remembered this one is because (if I remember correctly) it was one of the first movies we ever rented to watch on a VCR. We didn’t own one at the time, so we rented one from a store. This was before VCRs were commonplace in everyone’s home, at least ours. My daughter was having a birthday party and sleepover, and she wanted them to have a movie to watch.


“Take My Breath Away”, by Berlin, was a song from the 1986 movie, “Top Gun”. It was written by Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock, and is on the soundtrack from the movie, and on the album, “Count Three and Pray”. It is on the Columbia and Geffen label.



Watching every motion in my foolish lover’s game
On this endless ocean finally lovers know no shame
Turning and returning to some secret place inside
Watching in slow motion as you turn around and sayTake my breath away
Take my breath awayWatching I keep waiting still anticipating love
Never hesitating to become the fated ones
Turning and returning to some secret place to hide
Watching in slow motion as you turn to me and say,My Love,
Take my breath awayThrough the hourglass I saw you, in time you slipped away
When the mirror crashed I called you, and turned to hear you say
If only for today I am unafraidTake my breath away
Take my breath awayWatching every motion in this foolish lover’s game
Haunted by the notion somewhere there’s a love in flames
Turning and returning to some secret place inside
Watching in slow motion as you turn my way and sayTake my breath away,
My Love
Take my breath away
My Love
Take my breath away
Take my breath away


Take My Breath Away lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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  1. This is the only Berlin song I know that I don’t like. I do remember the movie. I believe it was one of the movies that Showtime had exclusive rights to show on cable, and we only had HBO, so we didn’t see it until we got a VCR in 1987 and my Dad rented it.

    The best song on the entire soundtrack is “You Lost That Loving Feeling!” Weird, but I don’t care for any of the new music that was written for Top Gun…

    • That’s funny because I’m just the opposite. I like this one and the one you like best is just meh for me. I have to say I don’t know any other Berlin songs (must go listen to some).
      Hard to believe there was a time before VCRs, and now they are slowly being phased out, if they haven’t been already. We don’t have one now, just a DVD player.

      • I bought a VCR five years ago to transfer the tape of my game show over to digital, and I was honestly surprised we still sold them then. I haven’t looked since, but not only have they come and gone… but its successor the DVR player is already obsolete!

        Berlin’s next best known song (And the one I first knew them for) is “No More Words.” A lost 80’s gem from them is “The Metro” which is synth pop at its finest!

      • Technology gallops forward faster than we can keep up, and we’re way behind on all of it. I was pretty much obsessed with taping shows to watch on the VCR, and had probably 700 or more. Then we just gave them all away when our last VCR quit working.
        I did go listen to the two Berlin songs you mentioned, plus a couple more. Love their sound and videos, but not exactly my type of favorite music. The singer reminds me of Debbie Harry of Blondie a whole lot, too.

    • Thanks, Janet! It’s just a really pretty song, and I liked the movie, too, with all the other songs. Yes, i love music challenges, too. It’s fun to see what everyone else picks, and hear some oldies and some new ones, too. 🙂

    • Thanks, Sandee! Interesting that the movie was made such a long time ago! Doesn’t seem like it, but still a great movie.
      Hope your mid-week Wednesday is going good! ❤

  2. Ah, great song but I am not a fan of the film either. Don’t think I know any other Berlin song even though I like Berlin (the city 😁) thanks for taking part and sharing great songs! 🙋🐝

    • Thanks, Bee! This has been such a fun musical challenge. I’ve enjoyed seeing what everyone chooses for the prompts. Lots of great songs out there! I hadn’t heard any more Berlin songs either, but ES suggested a couple, so I went to listen. Pretty good for the time they were made, but not my favorite genre of music, except this one that I really like. 🙂

      • So glad you liked it. At first I wanted to do something else but I am so glad I chose music. I’ll check the Berlin songs out later. Am curious 😁🙋🐝

      • I’m glad you chose music for the challenge this year, too. I never get tired of listening to all kinds of songs, and this was so fun to do. Thanks again, Bee! 🙂

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