Three Things Challenge # 12


Three Things Challenge # 12

Today’s prompt: meatloaf, charger, sunblock


I was busy fixing a meatloaf for my supper, when the end of the world happened.

Just as I put the dish into the oven to cook, all the electricity in the house went out. I tried the lights, the TV, and checked the fuse box, but they all looked fine…just wouldn’t work.

Getting a bit worried, I grabbed my cell phone to call my friends. I wanted to know if their power was out, too. When I turned on my phone, though, I saw that I only had one % left in the battery. Crap! I got my charger and plugged it in. Of course I’d forgotten that to charge my phone, I needed electricity.

Now I was without supper and no phone life left. I knew I should have remembered to charge it up, but I was notorious about forgetting it.

I went outside. It was still daylight, as it was only about 5 p.m. The sun was on it’s way down, though. At least I think it was. Something was causing a sunblock. Well, I don’t know if that was what you’d call it, but the sky was funny looking. It wasn’t bright out, but there weren’t any clouds either. My neighbors were all outside, too, looking around. So it wasn’t just me and my house.

What happened next you won’t believe unless you were there. All the civil defense sirens began blowing…so loud! We heard the announcement like a voice from on high, but it was just the speakers attached to the power poles.

We have been invaded by unknown planetary entities …take cover…take cover now!

And so we did.

I ran back into my house, just running around from room to room, not knowing what to do. I’ve always been aware of tornado safety rules, and earthquake survival tips, but what will save me from alien invasion? Nothing! I’m doomed!

Finally, I grabbed my purse, because that’s what you do in an emergency, of course, and crawled under my bed. Maybe if they couldn’t see me, I’d be okay. I stayed there for I don’t know how long, but it seemed like hours. Eventually another announcement came over the speakers that all was clear. The electricity came back on and the TV news was giving explanations about the incident.

It seems the alien spacecraft that had blocked our sunshine, and depleted our electricity were not invading at all. They were friendly, but were just making a pit stop to charge up their own vehicle space ship while on their way to another planet.

Whew! Everyone was fine, but I really think they could have given us a little warning that they were stopping by for a short visit. Don’t you?


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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