Love Is In Da Blog – Opera – Day 25


Love Is In Da Blog – Opera – Day 25


For today’s prompt suggestion, Bee has asked for opera songs. Thanks, Bee!

I don’t know much about operas or the songs they sing. I have heard a song or two from Charlotte Church, and Jackie Evancho which are really pretty, and amazing, but I’ve never seen an opera, and don’t go out of my way to listen to any. Sorry.

That’s why I’m going a bit off the rails today with this one. It is the theme song from a soap opera, so at least the word opera is there!

One of my favorite soap operas was Another World, created by Irma Phillips. It has since ended, but I watched it from the very first show to the end (1964 to 1999). Most soap operas are about the love stories between the many characters, along with all the drama and family dynamics.


“Another World”, by Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris, was released from their album, “What If We Fall In Love”, in 1987. It was written by John Leffler and Ralph Shucket, and is on the Warner Bros. label.



I’ve always seen myself as a reckless gambler
Risking all that I had
Whenever I could

But then one day it happened
You appeared like from a dream
And we moved in synch like dancing
With our hearts in harmony

You are my way
To another world
Your are the one who makes me fly so high
You are the rain when my spirits run dry
You give my life
A hope that’s real

‘Cause when I’m with you
You take me away
To another world

All my life I’ve been called a hopeless romantic
Waiting for my prince
To sweep me away
But when I found you I felt different
Than I ever felt before
Suddenly I was taking no chances
By walking through your door

To another world
Your are the one who makes me fly so high
You are the rain when my spirits run dry
You give my life
A hope that’s real
Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️
© 2019 BS


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    • Thanks, Paula! Some of these prompts were a little difficult for me, too. I guess that’s why they call it a challenge! Looking forward to seeing your next postings. 🙂

  1. This was the last prompt I expected to speak to me, but…. my first year in college was the Fall of 1993, and I was always in the student lounge when Another World came on at 1 PM! I actually remember bits and pieces of that intro! I never really paid much attention to what was going on, though…. the last thing I wanted was to get hooked on a soap opera!

    • I know…same here when I tried to think of any opera songs. That’s pretty cool they had a TV in the lounge for people to watch a little bit of while taking a break.
      There were some great story lines on the soap operas. I like reading, and hearing stories, and the soaps were visual stories, so I liked them, too. 🙂

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