Three Things Challenge # 9


Three Things Challenge # 9


Today’s prompt: hammock, whistle, robot


I can’t whistle, I’ve never relaxed in a hammock, and I don’t have a robot.

But, here’s a little poem I wrote a few years ago about a robot.






The little, robust robot

Was in a fine fettle

Made out of tin

He resembled a kettle

Some called him a teapot

They thought he was sweet

‘Cause he went around whistling

To all that he’d meet

Now one day it happened

The world needed saving

Politicians were loudly

Ranting and raving

Robusty, the robot

Didn’t like what he saw

So our little hero

Called it a draw

He ran for president

That very day

He made speeches galore

And had plenty to say

Robusty’s whistling

Became words of wisdom

He was voted in

On a platform of freedom

Now our own Robust Robot

Had heeded the call

No more little teapot

He was standing tall

© 2016 BS


added verse…


But, it came to pass

He was the lame duck

His time was past

He earned his rest in a nice hammock


Well, kind of silly that ending, but I needed to get hammock in there somewhere! haha 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2019 BS


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