Love Is In Da Blog – Pets – Day 20


Love Is In Da Blog – Pets – Day 20

For today’s song, we are supposed to find one for our pets. Thanks, Bee!

This one was kind of hard for me to find, because I don’t have any special song for Cricket.

So I kept looking for songs that might work, and found this one, which I like a lot. There weren’t any videos I could find with cats in them, though. Found some with penguins, a pig, and these cartoon unicorns. Oh well…

We got Cricket when she was a teeny tiny baby. I don’t know where she came from, just showed up, but the other outside cats were not nice to her, being bullys and not letting her eat the food we set out. So we took her inside. We had two dogs, and three cats here already, and Cricket immediately got along with them all.

That was nine years ago.

Here’s my Cricket! She’s sweet and I love her. ❤


Baby Cricket

Cricket now




“Always”, by Erasure, was released from their album, “I Say I Say I Say”, in 1994. It was written by Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, and is on the Mute (UK) and Electra (US) labels.


Today, February 20th is also National Love Your Pet Day!

alt=Love Your Pet Day Clipart


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Cricket was adorable as a kitty and now as a full grown cat.

    Happy National Love Your Pet day. I love the video. It’s a happy tune.

    Have a fabulous day, Barbara. ♥

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