Hello? – Three Things Challenge # 6


Hello? – Three things Challenge # 6



Today’s prompt: bouquet, telephone, screwdriver


ring ring ring


Is this the bouquet store?

Uh…no…what’s a bouquet store?

Oh, you know…the store that sells bouquets…flowers?

Flowers? No m’am …we’re the screwdriver store…you know…hardware?

Hardware? I don’t need hardware or screwdrivers…I need bouquets of flowers. Do you have any?

Let me check.

on hold music…

Are you there?

Yes, what did you find out?

Well, we have some of those cell phone covers that have flowers on them. Would that be something you’d consider?

For my telephone?

Yes, for your telephone…your mobile telephone…your cell phone. Flower bouquet covers. They’re really pretty.

Hmmm…okay. How late are you open?

9 p. m. We’re the store at Main Street and 34th…you can’t miss it…we have a big sign, big yellow letters…Screwdriver Store.

Well, thank you so much! I’ll be in later to buy my bouquet of flowers for my telephone, and you know what? I’ll buy a screwdriver, too, since you’ve been so helpful.

Thanks! See you then.



Photos found on Pixabay


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