Closed? – One Liner Wednesday


Closed – One Liner Wednesday

One-Liner Wednesday – I need to get out more


We went out for lunch today…first time in a long time. We drove up to the place we chose only to find the parking lot full of work cars and bins, and people taking out windows and doors to the place, and everything that had been inside, was now outside.That’s when we looked at each other and said,

Well, do you think they’re closed?

haha understatement! Yes, they were wide open and closed at the same time. Looks like they were having a total re-model of the restaurant.

We should get out more too, so we at least know what’s going on in town. 🙂


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    • Thanks, Anita! This is true. There was another occasion of a Cheesecake Factory restaurant having being built here, and we had no idea, until we drove by where it was already in business. We were like, when did this happen? haha!

  1. LOL! That reminds me of the people who drop by my store after midnight and see we have the lights in our vestibule turned off and have the entrance and exit doors locked…. yet will rap on the glass until they get someone’s attention so they can ask if we’re open. Uhhhhhhhhh, yeah.

    • Thanks, Bill!
      It does make you wonder what they are thinking, or maybe hoping y’all will open the store just for them! It’s like get a clue…if the store is mostly dark and the parking lot is mostly empty, chances are the store is not open. haha! 🙂

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