Space Girl – Three Things Challenge # 3 and # 4


Space Girl – Three Things Challenge # 3 and # 4

Today’s prompt: stripes, lemonade, astronaut

Today’s prompt: cousin, folder, iguana


I’m combining yesterday’s and today’s 3TC prompt words, because yep, I ran out of time yesterday. Hope you enjoy this little story. 🙂


Space Girl

MY cousin, Izzy, which was short for Isabel, wanted to be an astronaut when she grew up.

In order to go to college, and space training, she had to pay her own way, because that’s just the way it was in her family…unless you earned it, you didn’t get it.

So early on, she became a budding entrepreneur with her own business. She opened the first lemonade stand in her neighborhood. She took part in all the National Lemonade Days, by taking their little courses, and learned a lot on how to run a successful business.

Every year she’d set up her stand, offering regular lemonade, pink lemonade, and even lemonade ice pops that she’d made.  She kept a running count of her expenses, and her income, and her profits were soon out of this world good. Her little notebook folder, which she decorated herself with a cute iguana and colorful stripes along the edges was a conversation piece. Everyone commented on what a sweet little girl she was, and who had big aspirations could be such an imaginative artist, too.

Years passed, and Izzy’s dream was at hand. She was an accomplished astronaut, about to take her first flight into space. Along side her was her pet lizard, Lizzy, the first iguana to go into space. She and Lizzy made history that day, as they flew high into the sky on NASA’s latest and greatest rocket ship…destination – exploration of a galaxy far, far away.

Izzy and Lizzy never returned to Earth, but sent dispatches from their travels in space from time to time. Her messages all said the same thing…”Never give up on your dreams…reach for the stars.”


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