Love Is In Da Blog – 1970s – Day 12


Love Is In Da Blog – 1970s – Dy 12


Today we are looking for songs from the 1970s. There were a lot of good songs, but none were actually catching my attention for some reason. Also, a lot of the songs that were played a lot on the radio in the 70s, had actually been written a few years earlier than that. So… wasn’t sure I should count them or not, but went ahead anyway. Then, I ran across this one, which I do like a lot.


This song tells the story of a couple who love each other, but have gone their separate ways. The man is telling the woman that if she ever finds heartbreak with other lovers, that he’d still be here waiting for her return, before she could cry another teardrop.


“Before the Next Teardrop Falls”, by Freddy Fender, was released in 1974 from his album of the same name. It was written by Vivian Keith and Ben Peters, in 1967 and was recorded a few times by other artists. However, when presented to Freddy Fender, and released to the country charts, it took off, resulting in a #4 Billboard Hit. in 1974.



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