Tell a Story Challenge – Traffic Cop


Tell a Story Challenge – Traffic Cop


I want to thank Yinglan for tagging me to do this photo challenge. I’m to take the photo she chose to write something about it, then tag 3 others. You can find Yinglan’s blog here


This is the photo…


Directing traffic was Dave’s passion. He was affectionately called Dave the Director by all the regular drivers who passed by his designated station. Everyone would give him a happy wave, and a cheery hello, day after day.

No one knew the real Dave, the man behind the uniform. No one knew why he would blow his whistle, swish his baton all around, guiding the cars and trucks to their destination without fail, but would never speak to them. Someone got curious and googled his profile information, which led to a touching human interest story in the local papers.

Dave B, esteemed member of this community, and well known traffic policeman, passed away at the age of 35, on January 17, 1992. He was interred in City Cemetery, yet it has been reported that he revisits the scene of his accidental death. His presence is seen at the intersection where he was struck down by a speeding car. It is felt that he resumes his position, to aid drivers now, so there will be no more tragedies, like he experienced. For the last 25 years, there has been no more accidents at that location, because of Dave’s ghost watching over all souls who pass by.

No one knew the real Dave…until they read his obituary.


My nominees are:

Bee at The Bee Writes

Suze at Suziland too or an Obsolete Childhood

Oneta at Sweet Aroma


Here’s the photo I chose. There is no obligation to participate…just thought you might enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚




Building, Joy, Planning, Plans

photo by jarmoluk at Pixabay


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