I was going through some of my draft posts from a long time ago, and came across this one.

It was when I was trying to make a video. I still don’t really know what I was doing. Maybe I should do some more practicing with that.

Anyway, there was this bug crawling down the wall, so I taped it. The radio was playing this song at the time, but it’s hard to hear on the video, so I added the music video of the song, too.

Now, I don’t know if you like to see close up videos of bugs crawling around, but here ya go. I thought it was pretty neat. 🙂



“All Right Now,” by Free, was released in 1970, from the album, “Fire & Water”. It was written by Andy Fraser and Paul Rodgers, and is on the Island label.

Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2019 BS

© 2017 BS (original draft made)

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  1. One i can handle – even inside!

    It’s the dozens of them that creep around my garden eating strawberries or tiny plant shootings that ‘bug’ me! 🙂

    We call them ‘slaters’ but there are many different names for them, but it is basically a woodlouse.

    • Oh, very helpful information on this bug. I had no idea of what it was. We do see them around here quite a lot. This one was inside the house. Insects, spiders, and bugs are fascinating to me.

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