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  1. They look lovely.
    We have an outdoor Jasmine which because of the very mild weather has produced a lot of early buds. So of course tonight we are now forecast to have a severe frost which was originally forecast for tomorrow. We have been out in the dark wrapping it in fleece and have our fingers crossed.

  2. I bought some of these artificial one time. I had no idea they were representative of a read flower. I just thought they were good among the larger flowers. Jasmine, huh.

    • Thanks, Oneta!
      I’ve never actually seen any before I saw these at the store. I’ve always heard of them, and I think they are supposed to smell really nice. I didn’t smell any aroma from these buds, though. They are an interesting addition to arrangements, too, I think. 🙂

      • not much to look at, but they do smell really nice. They’re right by my front door, so when the weathers nice, I leave the door open (screen door shut) and they perfume my whole house.

      • Wonderful! I’ve never smelled one before. We did have a honeysuckle one time that was like that. It smelled beautiful with the window open.

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